How to unclog bathroom sink?

The occasional clogging of the sink might seem like a minor problem but surely causes a lot of hassle in the daily schedule. The warning signs are always there. The sink takes a longer duration of time to drain. There is water pooling in the sink. And, sometimes the door, these signs indicate that there is clogging in the bathroom sink.

This should be dealt with immediately otherwise a burst pipe is the next thing that one might have to face causing them to spend a lot of money. Residential plumbers might be the only right way for dealing with pipes and clogged sinks. Rather than waiting and facing the catastrophic situation, being prepared and taking steps are necessary. Some of which are discussed as follows.

unclog bathroom sink

Vinegar and Baking Soda Are Natural Ways to Unclog Drains

A mixture of equal parts of vinegar and baking soda could be made at home in a cup. This mixture creates a fizz that should be immediately poured down the drain. The fizz helps in removing the residue left in the sink that is causing the blockage. This might include hair, gunk, grim.

The mixture is then let to stay in the sink overnight which can later be flushed away with some hot water. Another way would be to pour in baking soda first into the sink followed by vinegar.

Boiling Water Removes Grim From the Edges of the Pipe

Boling water is one of the simplest methods by which unclogging the bathroom sink can be easily done. In addition to the bathroom sink, this works for kitchen sink and drains as well. Usually clogging of sink happens due to hair, soap scum, grime, and boiling water could work through this ensuring water flow become normal again.

One trick that can be applied is to pour boiling water a few seconds apart. This makes the water work through the entire blockage and clears it out very efficiently.

Pipe Cleaning Removes the Culprit of Sink Blockage
This may require the assistance of some professional residential plumbers who understand how to handle each situation and offer quality service in a hassle-free way. But, this method of cleaning will involve removing the sink trap that is located underneath the sink.

The trap has to be wiggled out and put inside a bucket where the residue could fall. A toothbrush can be used to clean the trap inside out and remove the gunk. But cleaning the sink needs to be ensured by pouring water later and checking for any leakage after installation.

Wire Hanger Is Quite a Creative Trick for Unclogging
Bending a wire hanger can make unclogging a sink easy and effective. The small hook could be used in pushing past the drain so that any kind of blockage could be removed. This enables us to pull out any hair and other nasty stuff that might have been hampering the flow of water. After cleaning away the debris, some hot water has to be poured to clean it thoroughly.

Wet and Dry Vacuum Does the Job
Having a wet and dry vacuum at home could be an efficient way of unclogging your drain. A tight seal should be there covering the drain so that maximum sucking action could be exerted. A plunger head could do wonders in removing the dirt that is causing quite a hassle including bad door.

Caustic Soda Can Restore Water Flow
Sodium hydroxide is used in removing grime from sinks and drains. But care needs to be taken while using it as it might cause the skin to burn if handled without caution. Using rubber gloves and protective eye-wear, while working, is mandatory. Cold-water should be used with caustic soda and mixed well to create a fizz.

If it is left just for 30 minutes, it will generate heat which will clear away any blockage there is. Flush it out with boiling water is the next process that needs to be followed.

Therefore, these are some of the tips that will help in unclogging a drain within just a few hours or overnight. But, if they do not work, then you might be facing something more complex than just a clogged bathroom sink. While choosing the right plumber, client review is a great way to assess whether they will be the right fit or not.

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