How to clean water pipeline at home

With a running water system in the house, not having a blocked pipe or two is almost an inevitable incident. Such problems cannot be cited as cataclysmic but, they are surely an annoying hassle that one has to deal with. That is because; they may cause slow drain or even result in a backed-up tub, depending on if there is a partial or complete blockage respectively.

But the bright side to this that, fixing a blocked water pipe is much easier than any other plumber problem. Most of the time, getting such a problem solved does not even require any professional plumbing services. The problem can be easily solved by any individual just by using simple and common home tools or some easy-to-get items very quickly.

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Putting Homemade Solutions to Use

Using some simple and common household ingredients like hot water, vinegar, and baking soda, a blocked drain can be easily cleared. By combining baking soda with hot water, the solution helps in loosening the clog that has been blocking the pipe. On the other hand, vinegar helps to clear out the clog and makes it smooth again. This is the easiest and the most environment-friendly solution.

Buying A Bottle of Drain Cleaner
Once a clogged drain is encountered, the first thought that would pop up into one’s head would be to use a drain cleaner. Drain cleaner is the most commonly adopted solution to solve such household problems. These liquid chemicals are extremely corrosive and corrode the pipes if they are made of metal. Powdered cleaners that are less corrosive can also be used.

Drain cleaners are chemical solutions that are effective in clearing out a clogged pipeline. But, it must be made sure that the pipelines either non-metal or they are resistant to corrosion. If it is found that the pipes are not immune to corrosion, using an organic and non-corrosive cleaner is the best alternative. This is an environment-friendly method that saves the pipes from getting damaged.

Using Compressed Air to Clear Out the Drain
A high-pressure drain blaster is a powerful tool that helps in clearing out clogged drains which use compressed air to gust out the blockage. They are very easy to use. All that the user needs to do is to build up a pressure by pumping the handle of the tool. Then, the tool is directed towards the blockage and the built-up pressure is released into the drain.

These tools are inexpensive and can easily found in stores that are dedicated to household improvement.

Putting the Plunger to Some Action
Plungers are very commonly used in toilets and they can also be put to use if there is a clogged drain. There is not much difference between how a plunger is used in the toilet and when there is a blockage in the pipe. The rubber suction cup is pressed down over the drain hole. The handle is then moved accordingly until the drain is dislodged.

The plunger makes for a very practical tool when it comes to de-clogging the blocked drains and the pipes.

Plumbing Snakes Help Cleaning Become Much Safer
Plumbing Snake is a device that is used by professional plumbers but is readily available in the stores. It is a mechanical alternative to chemical solutions that are used to dislodge a blocked pipe. It has a tight spiral on end with a flexible steel piece attached to it. It is an excellent tool to clear backed-up drains that may have been causing sinks to overflow.

The snake is inserted into the drain that has got blocked and is extended until it hits the obstruction. The user then turns and twists the snake around to loosen and remove the blockage. This is a much safer way of cleaning the pips as it does not erode or damage them by any means. Neither does it have any negative environmental impact.

Cleaning Out the Entire Pipeline
This process involves opening up or removing parts of the pipe and cleaning it out. This is the most complicated process of all but it also has the highest rate of success. The u-shaped part of the pipe called the U-bend is removed using a wrench. Then the part is carefully cleared out of whatever is clogging it and then put back in its place.

These steps are most likely to solve the problems. But, if they persist, it is preferable to call for a professional plumber. At Platts Plumbing, we aim at providing the best professional plumbing support with unparalleled services.