What is the significance of a good plumbing

good plumbingPlumbing is the system of pipes, tanks, fitters and other apparatus required for the water supply and maintaining sanitation in the commercial buildings, offices or homes.

In simpler words, plumbing is the installation and maintenance of water supply, where the clean and drinkable water is supplied, and wastewater is drained out with the help of gravity. So, other than the supply of clean water, plumbing has different uses, and some are explained below:

  1. Ensure Supply of Clean Water 

The water from the source, such as groundwater and the surface water, reaches the kitchens, bathrooms, and offices via pipes, valves, tunes etc., which is possible with a practical plumbing structure. For example,

  • Installation of lines at different levels so that the source’s water reaches the user.
  • Cutting or manipulating water pipes so that the water supply chain doesn’t break.
  • Inserting additional plumbing apparatus for maintaining the water supply chain.

Another important function of plumbing is to validate the supply of clean water that prevents diarrhoeal diseases and an enormous number of water communicable diseases like elephantiasis.

  1. Maintaining the Sanitary System 

One of the primary functions of the commercial plumbing system is to get rid of wastewater, and the removal of wastewater takes place in the following way:

  • The plumbers install the series of pipes in a specified way so that the lines don’t clog.
  • The water is entered into the local drainage system.
  • Next, it is transferred for its sanitation or disposal.

The significant benefit of a proper sanitary system has a clean place to live and work. In addition, an individual is safe from all the water contagious infections and diseases.

  1. Providing Portable Water System 

Unlike ancient times we have 24*7 running water in all the places like homes, offices, commercial buildings etc., all that is made possible with the effective plumbing system.

The potable water system at our homes is made of 4 to 5 components, i.e., valves, pipes, fittings, regulators etc., and to ensure continuous running water, the plumber does the following:

  • Several connections of PVC pipes are made to make a water chain from the source to the end-user.
  • Trimming the pipes at several levels to maintain the water pressure.
  • Lastly, fitting mandatory plumbing accessories for accessing that water.

The portable water system ensures that a person has unlimited access to clean, drinkable water in his comfort. Thus, he is not spending money purchasing the chemical-rich water bottle as the chemicals might harm the body.

  1. Helps in Reducing Water Consumption 

In recent times, the plumbing system and evolved with the technology and for the better, and that’s why modern plumbing offers water conservation, which is also another essential aspect of environment conservation.

So, to conserve water, the modern plumbing includes the following:

  • Check for the leaks.
  • Install aerators on faucets to keep an eye on water usage.
  • Adjust the water pressure.
  • Insulate the pipes to prevent heat loss and later water leaks.

Using modern plumbing methods to conserve water is an effective solution to the water scarcity problems, and many of the current systems have meters to reflect the daily water usage.

  1. It Helps Maintaining Hygiene 

Another reason why plumbing is essential is to maintain the place’s hygiene. Imagine coming home to a smelly house after working for hours in the office. Will you be interested in unwinding your day in that house?

No, that’s why an adequate plumbing and some other hygiene-related issues that are decoded by plumbing are:

  • No leaking taps and pipes.
  • Lesser chances of spreading diseases and infections.
  • No foul smell.

Lives without functional plumbing will be full of unsanitary homes and workplaces, plus new diseases each day.


Plumbing, without a doubt, is an essential aspect of our lives because our daily functions like washing, cleaning, cooking, bathing etc., revolve around it. That’s why it is crucial to choose the plumbing services wisely. Only trust reliable companies like platts plumbing as their best plumber will help you install the plumbing system and give you tips to maintain it.