What does a drain technician do?

drain technicianHave you noticed that the water in the sink or toilet is sinking or draining very slowly? If so, then you may have to call the drain cleaners and sort out the issue. The drain technician is a part of the plumbing team. He is a professional drain cleaner who handles all the installation work and maintenance of drainage parts in sanitary systems. They mainly install home and commercial plumbing drainage systems, offer maintenance and repair works.

Explain the Signs of Clogged Drains

You can notice many warning signs that indicate your drains are really choked up and may cause flooding. Once you are sure, you must not delay in getting professional help for thorough drain cleaning. Some of the signs include:

  • Water draining happens very slowly
  • The drains or pipes emit foul-smelling odours
  • Kitchen or bathroom floors areas near the sink get flooded with puddles
  • Bubbles can be noticed in the toilet or sink
  • Strange groaning and squeaking noises can be heard from the pipes
  • Water not getting drained but re-emerging from the sink pipes or toilet pipes.

Drain Cleaning DIY – Not So Advisable

If you try to clean the drains by yourself, you also run the risk of damaging the drains and plumbing system. Unclogging the drain pipes is not at all an easy or simple fix. Plumbing is not as easy as correcting an internet issue by unplugging the router and restarting it.

Drainage systems are complex and inter-connected. Trying to handle the issues on your own may not give any positive results. In such a scenario, it is always better to seek professional drain cleaners or plumbers near your area. Only an expert drain technician can manoeuvre around the pipes and rectify the issue.

What procedure does a professional drain technician adopt?

When you hire a professional drain cleaning team, they can clean your drain using tools such as a drain snake or auger. Professional cleaners have all the necessary tools to do a complete investigation of the drains. The modern-day plumber is provided by an advanced toolkit that includes a unique video camera to reach into the depths of the pipe to inspect the drain system and find the main cause of the issue. Be it a grease or dirt build-up or the obstruction by a foreign object like a tree root, an expert local plumber can find the problem, apply the proper solution to fix the drainage issue. This also prevents any further damage.

It can be used to clear clogged particles that have choked up your drain. Most people rush to a hardware store and buy costly chemical drain cleaners when they face a clogged drain situation. No store-purchased cleaner can clean effectively. Most of these over-the-counter cleaners are laced with harsh chemicals that can strip the pipes’ protective layers and create more chemical build-up than before. Thus, it can make your drainage situation much worse. Calling on residential or commercial plumbing service providers can take care of all your draining-related needs effectively.

Latest Plumbing Equipment for Faster Results

Hydro-jet is the newest cutting-edge technological advancement for drain cleaning. Hydro-jetting is done by using a big hose to spray high-pressure water. This hose helps clean the pipes thoroughly with strong jets of clean water that is released both backward and forwards.

A plumbing technician can use a high-pressure water jet hose for cleaning clogged drains. He may also use traditional cleaning methods to diffuse grease and debris. A drain pipe may be clogged due to muck or sludge deposits, lime-scale, hardened mineral components, hard tree roots, and others. Flushing such things from the drainage system are only possible by expert and trained cleaners.

Regular Checking and Home-Cleaning

It is vital to clean the washroom, bathroom, sink, and toilet every day. This way you will be aware of any warning signs of clogged drains. Roping in expert drain cleaners can also help avert serious issues. At certain times, an emergency situation may develop without any prior warning. That is the right time to find professional plumbers near your area.

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