The Different Types of Toilets in Australia

Toilet designs have kept up with time to offer the user style, comfort, and plumbing efficiency. More and more people are picking toilets that can save water for domestic use as it directly reflects on the water bill. As there are plenty of toilet designs available in the market, you might want to call a residential plumber to get broader knowledge about the variants- a better alternative to getting intimidated by the plumbing vocabulary instead.

Toilets in Australia

Here’s a detailed list of toilet varieties that Australia has for you

  • Gravity Toilets
  • Dual Flush Toilet
  • Vacuum-Assisted Toilet
  • Pressure Assist Toilet
  • Rimless Toilet

Gravity Toilets: This type of toilet is available worldwide as they are the most common and known. It comes with a flushing action that pulls water from the bowl. Despite being primitive among all the options, they have developed the most and now come in multiple designs and styles.

Dual Flush Toilets: A very common presence in the Australian bathrooms and Europe as well, this kind of toilets are yet to penetrate the American way of toiletry. This toilet design allows you to have a pick from two types of flushing. While the first type will provide a four litters-flush, the other alternative will conduct a total flush. This type of toilet is highly beneficial if you intend to save money. The user will only choose the second option when there is a sufficient amount of waste to flush. Otherwise, the first option serves the purpose of water-saving admirably.

Vacuum-Assisted Toilets: One of the newer designs, this type of toilet is slowly gaining popularity among the mass. It has been skilfully developed with a vacuum-assisted flush. When the user hits the flush knob, the toilet tank releases water, which creates a suction to allow the waste to go out of the bowl powerfully.

Pressure-Assist Toilets: Mostly found in big commercial spaces, this type of toilet design doesn’t feature any flapper mechanism. Instead, they use a vessel inside the tank to store air. Once you hit the flush knob, that air then creates a pushing action to send the waste down. While it comes off as a very noisy process, it tends to be cleaner than the more regular ones. But, due to the extra noise, people from single-family households don’t use them more for toilet plumbing.

Rimless Toilets: Obvious of the name itself, this type of toilet doesn’t feature any rim on them. The flushing mechanism is also very direct and conventional. As soon as the user hits the flush knob, the water tank releases water in a rotary pattern to reach every toilet part. Such flushing action allows the user to have a clean toilet at the end.

If you plan to replace or buy a new toilet, there are plenty of factors to consider- designs, flushing techniques, and water consumption. Its best recommended to explore all avenues of toilet plumbing before choosing one. For further information, please visit residential plumbers– Platts plumbing online.