How To Prevent Blocked Drain?

Every household might have faced problems with their plumbing and to say the least, it is no fun at all. They smell bad, can cause a lot of hassle, are inconvenient and if left untreated might cause chronic problems to the plumbing system of your home. Plumbing services are professionals who help in clearing the drains, finding out any problem and solving it with quick precision. But, there are ways you could avoid it. Avoid the unnecessary time and money you spend on unblocking drains. Prevent your house drainage system from clogging up.

Blocked drains are not only unhygienic but are a massive headache. But one thing to adhere to is never put things down your kitchen or toiler drainage. And, to give you a clear idea; here are some factors which are the main cause of drainage blockage.

Blocked Drain Plumbing

Nappies Can Cause Drain Blockage

Yes! They are the biggest cause of blocked drains with people trying to flush used, dirty nappies down the toilet. It might sound like a good solution after you learn about the material used for nappies which are quite feasible and degradable, they are not meant to be flushed out. The nappies are not meant to degrade in water and will therefore block the drains and cause you the hassle.

Oil and Fats Often Build-Up in U-Bend Pipes

Again, this is another factor to consider. One mistake that people often commit is draining oil or any grease down the drain. This causes the u-bend of the drain to store and build the fat later causing a blockage.

Oil and fat are heavier than water and though you can throw it down the sink, once it reaches a bend, it starts accumulating. One thing you can do is pour it in a sealable container and throw it in the bin. And, try pouring hot water once a week down the drain. This will melt any presence of fat in the drain. If the problem is complex, calling for plumbing services is the best solution because amateur hands might damage the pipes further.

Feminine Products Are Not Meant To Be Flushed
From cotton buds to sanitary napkins, these products are not meant to be flushed out. They all belong in the bin and never in the drain. You can keep a bin inside your toilet so that after using such products, they could be wrapped, thrown in the bin and disposed of.

Drain Blockage By Coffee Grounds Is A Common Issue
Home filtered coffee is the best thing ever when at home rather than going for the instant coffee pouches. But, try not throwing coffee grounds and filters down the drain. This causes a blockage. Your tea bags, coffee grounds are supposed to be in the bin and never be thrown into the water pipes.

Egg Shells Are Hard and Collect Other Wastes Too Causing Blockage
Eggshells can be a huge problem and a common reason for drain blockage. Not only do they block the path but also block small minute things that are flushed down the drain causing a huge build-up. This might often cause the pipes to burst. Throw the eggshells in the bin but never down the sink.

Food Waste Are a Prime Reason for Drain Blockage
This is a major cause for drain blockage. Everyone has something left on their plate after eating. And, whether you are in a hurry or think the small food bites will easily pass the drain, it is not so. Leftover food can linger, build-up and cause a smelly and unhygienic block drain. Always throw the leftover food before washing the dishes.

Other probable causes of drain blockage are hair, paint, wipes and a lot more. We offer you plumbing services to help you quickly get back to your daily routine. We never compromise on our quality of work giving you no reason to feel disappointed. We are innovative and take initiative in offering quick solutions.